Gluten-Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Cider roasted veggies for Thanksgiving- vegan and gluten-free
Cider roasted vegetables- pair with polenta, rice or quinoa.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving without the bird, here's a quick round-up of my favorite gluten-free vegetarian holiday recipes to inspire you.

Most of these recipes are actually vegan- a dairy-free plus for those of us gluten-free and casein-free. The few recipes garnished with cheese can be easily converted to dairy-free status by using your favorite vegan cheese.

In my kitchen, that's the way the cornbread crumbles.

Gluten-Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

The easiest way to feed a hungry vegan crowd is to toss a heap of vegetables into a roasting pan and toss them with olive oil, sea salt, apple cider and cider vinegar (shown above). Roast them and pair them with polenta, rice, quinoa or pasta. You can't go wrong. Start with this recipe for Cider Roasted Vegetables. Then get creative. This Roasted Vegetables on Broiled Polenta recipe is a no-fuss, light and lovely dish.

But first, to tease appetites...

Creamy raw cashew dip with crudities
Creamy raw cashew hummus and fresh veggies.

Start off with this raw vegan recipe for hummus- made with soaked cashews. It's so creamy and light. A perfect dip for crisp fresh veggies.

Roasted yellow tomato salsa recipe
Gluten-free cornbread with roasted tomato salsa.

Grilled gluten-free cornbread with roasted yellow tomato salsa is an easy appetizer- not to mention, delicious.

Roasted yellow tomato salsa.

...Or serve it with corn chips if you prefer. Here's the salsa recipe.

Easy roasted eggplant tapenade- vegan and gluten-free
Roasted eggplant tapenade.

For another sassy vegan appetizer, try this roasted eggplant tapenade with toasted slices of my gluten-free baguettes, my pecan cracker recipe, or corn chips.

Easy roasted red pepper hummus- vegan and gluten-free
Red pepper hummus. A classic.

Roasted red pepper hummus made with chick peas is a tasty classic- you don't even need to mention it's a complementary vegan protein. And it would fab served as a condiment with the following quinoa salad...

Gluten free vegetarian recipes starting with this autumn quinoa
Thanksgiving flavors infuse this vegetarian quinoa dish.

Quinoa salad with pears, baby spinach and chick peas just might be my favorite new Fall recipe. Perfect for Thanksgiving. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a whirl. It also works with apples, if you're not a fan of pears.

Quinoa stuffed mushrooms
Quinoa stuffed portobello mushrooms.

Easy on the eyes, quinoa stuffed mushrooms are elegant and light. These can be a side dish, with soup and cornbread. Or serve two caps each as a main dish.

Polenta kicked up with pumpkin is a special gluten free vegan dish
Pumpkin polenta topped with an avocado salsa fresca.

One of my favorite new inspirations- pumpkin polenta. Who doesn't love a creamy bowl of comforting polenta seasoned with autumn flavors? The fresh salsa kicks it up with avocado and tomatillo. Pumpkin seeds add crunch.

Gluten free vegetarian enchiladas
Vegetarian enchiladas with spinach and white beans.

I call these Greek enchiladas because of their filling. A yummy combo of spinach, roasted red peppers, white beans and feta cheese. If you'd like to keep these Griegos babies vegan, sub the feta with vegan cream cheese or shredded cheese.

Red quinoa with butternut squash and cranberries.

Gorgeous red quinoa studded with orange winter squash and ruby cranberries. Talk about vegan festive, Babycakes. This dish begs to adorn your holiday table.

Vegan ruby applesauce
Ruby applesauce- with cranberries.

A favorite Thanksgiving pairing- apples and cranberries- simmered into a luscious pleasingly tart applesauce, sweetened with organic raw agave.

Millet pilaf recipe- vegan and gluten-free
Quinoa mushroom pilaf.

Hearty and scrumptious quinoa (chock full of healthy vegan protein). A lovely vegetarian addition to your gluten-free holiday table. And a change of pace from the usual rice pilaf.

Gluten free rice casserole bake
Rice bake with pine nuts, sweet corn and artichokes.

But wait- you're looking for a rice dish? Here is gluten-free made simple. This Santa Fe inspired baked rice casserole with artichokes, pine nuts and sweet corn is always a crowd pleaser. Gluten-free or not. Switch out the goat cheese with vegan cheese to keep it dairy-free.

Roasted acorn squash risotto - glguten-free + vegan
Roasted acorn squash risotto with cranberries.

Creamy and wonderful- that is the simple truth. Risotto like this is pure vegan soul food. I used acorn squash in mine- but I suppose butternut would also work.

Brussels sprouts with brown rice
Roasted Brussels sprouts on brown rice with fava beans.

Roasting Brussels sprouts coaxes their earthy sweetness to the fore. The trick is to not overcook them. Here, roasted sprouts and carrots are served over brown rice with a side of fava beans.

Curried carrot soup - vegan and gluten-free
Curried carrot soup with toasted cornbread croutons.

If you're in the mood for soup (I am always up for it) this favorite classic might tickle your Thanksgiving fancy. Curry adds an elegant, special undertone to the all too often Plain Jane of vegan soup. And the pan toasted cornbread croutons nudge it over the top. Seriously.

Sweet potato black bean enchiladas recipe
Sweet potato black bean enchiladas.

These enchiladas have been on our holiday menu so many years I've stopped counting. The sweet potato black bean filling is both hearty and comforting. Creamy good and muy delicioso. Use shredded vegan cheese on the top to keep it dairy-free.

Gluten free pumpkin bread that tastes like pumpkin pie
Gluten-free pumpkin pie bread.

In case you missed out on this recipe I'm sharing it once again. A moist and tender pumpkin pie inspired bread. No one has to know it's gluten-free- unless you confess it.

light and tender pumpkin muffins - gluten-free

Gluten-free never tasted so pumpkiny and light- make these pumpkin muffins the night before Thanksgivng. 

Dairy free pumpkin and sweet potato soup
Pumpkin sweet potato soup to warm you, vegan body and soul.

Another bowl of vegan soup goodness for your consideration. A combo of pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Smooth and filling and sunshine orange, to boot. Ginger helps it sing.

Quinoa taco salad recipe that is gluten free and vegan
Quinoa taco salad.

If you live in a hotter state this November you might really appreciate this light and lively quinoa taco salad for your Thanksgiving repast. Unconventional? Maybe. Delicious? Definitely. I predict no leftovers.

Dairy free vegan scalloped potatoes that are also gluten free with no flour
Vegan and dairy-free scalloped potatoes.

How about a change from mashed potatoes? I love mashed potatoes- but too often during the holidays they are cold by the time you dip your fork in with drooling anticipation. Baking scalloped potatoes guarantees piping hot potato deliciousness.

Sweet potato salad recipe
Two potato salad- with sweet and gold potatoes.

I serve this vegan sweet potato salad warm- and it is to die for. A nice change from the typical white potato salad with mayo. Fun for Thanksgiving- or the following day when, unbelievably, everyone is hungry all over again.

Delicious vegan loaf that is also gluten free
Vegetarian garden loaf with maple glaze.

Sometimes you crave something meaty. Hearty. And yeah, there's always grilled portobello mushrooms. But how about something different? Here's my savory vegan loaf baked with an apricot maple glaze. And no lentils (sorry, lentil fans, I'm not too crazy about those particular legumes).

Vegetarian shepherds pie
Vegetarian Shepherd's pie. A one dish meal if you're bringing your own.

Okay. So your Thanksgiving plans involve driving to a turkey fest loaded with gluten. What's a gluten-free vegan girl to do? Prepare a take-along covered one-dish supper for yourself. Arrive in time to throw it in the oven (let the cook know you'd like to share some oven space). Bake it for twenty five minutes or so. This vegetarian shepherd's pie is topped with mashed potatoes.

Acorn squash with gluten free and vegan cornbread stuffing
Cornbread stuffing stuffed roasted acorn squash.

Deja vu all over again, I know. This recipe was posted recently, but in case you are new to the blog- I'm including it here in this vegetarian round-up post. Because the cornbread stuffing is too good to miss. There's also instructions on roasting acorn squash with maple syrup. Super easy. Super good.

Super easy pumpkin pie- crustless, gluten-free
A vegan pumpkin pie with no tofu. And it is tasty.

Okay. We're down to sweets. My favorite part. This simple crustless pumpkin pie is so good, gluten-eaters love it, too. Doubt it? Read through the comments on this recipe. Then go bake yourself a pie, Darlin'.

Sweet potato pie- easy, gluten-free
Sweet potato pie, vegan style.

If sweet potato pie is your favorite but you cannot eat gluten or dairy- this recipe is for you. Creamy and delicious. A lovely Thanksgiving dessert choice.

vegan pumpkin pie with coconut pecan crust
Praline topped vegan pumpkin pie with coconut-pecan crust

Fancy a fancier pie? This favorite vegan pumpkin pie with coconut-pecan crust takes time to prepare- and do make it ahead so that it chills thoroughly- but it well worth it. This recipe makes a very large deep dish pie.

Karina's vegan apple crisp with quinoa flakes
Karina's vegan apple crisp- with quinoa flakes.

One last dessert- this upscale apple crisp features a secret ingredient. Can you guess?

Need more gluten-free dessert recipes, or some GF Thanksgiving tips? Here's my updated Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips.



judee@glutenfreeA-Z said...

Everything looks devine. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Happy Thanksgiving

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I love your gluten free & vegan Thanksgiving recipe round up, Karina! I'm going to make your garden loaf tonight and I will definitely try your cornbread recipe too!

Ali said...

Everything looks so beautiful and nourishing! There are so many recipes I have missed! I love these round-ups for this reason. Have a lovely Thanksgiving Karina! -Ali :)

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YUMM I would like one of everything please :) Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds amazing! I love the quinoa taco salad idea!!

Jeanette said...

Wow, what an amazing round-up for Thanksgiving. No one has to miss out on Thanksgiving, these look beautiful!

Colleen said...

Karina, I just wanted to write and say thank you for this and everything, since I've never commented on your blog before but it provides tons of inspiration for me as a gluten-free vegan and, for lack of a better categorization, fellow reflective spirit. Happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours.

Karina Allrich said...

Thank you all so much! I feel the love. Right back atcha! xox Karina

Parisa said...

The sweet potato salad sounds so good. I would have probably never thought of adding both sweet and regular. This is such a great a great round up of vegetarian ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving? Everything looks so amazing, I want to try it all!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

There's not a dish in this post that I wouldn't love on my holiday table!

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Luckily I have no food allergies and gluten is not a concern (am vegan though). But I constantly come to your site for inspiration. I just love love love your recipes. You are great :-)

The InTolerant Chef said...

Great alternatives. I like the look of the eggplant tapenade. Yumm...

Anonymous said...

What a great resource for GF recipes. I just stumbled upon your blog. My 13 year old nephew was diagnosed with celiac a couple of months ago and my 2 1/2 year old son just tested positive for celiac. I've been reading any and all GF recipes/cookbooks that I can get my hands on. I've noticed that the majority of recipes/cookbooks don't include a nutritional breakdown. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year and carbohydrate counts are necessary for diabetes management. Is there a place that I can find the breakdown for your recipes? I can't wait to try all of your great recipes !

Thank you,

Lynne L. said...

Ah Karina, you're killing me here...I want ALL of it!!!
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share with us. Wishing you a smooth move, some peaceful "Karina time", and a wonderful family Thanksgiving. We had ours up here in October, but nobody said we couldn't celebrate twice! Thanks again!

Allison said...

Everything looks delicious! Thank you for your dairy-free inspiration. Have a good Thanksgiving and good luck with your move! Nothing beats the crisp fall, white winters, and long-awaited spring bloom of New England. ;)

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Good luck with your move!

Thanks for such great and reliable results recipes.

Your the best!



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Welcome to CT! That home looks like it could be in the Litchfield Hills... if it is YEAH! Love your recipes and the pictures are Gorgeous! Be well ~~T

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Thanks for posting even on the eve of your move. Welcome (back) to New England! I'm a Mainer but can't boast being a native! Safe travels.

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I could squish you with love for this post. Everything looks so amazing, I'm going to be cooking a lot of these.

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Thanks for all the wonderful ideas for thanksgiving! Have a great life in Connecticut. I've lived all over the country and Connecticut was my favorite. ( unfortunately not enough work however) :-(

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Good Morning Karina. Thanks for all these wonderful recipes.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
May God bless your journey as you move to the Northeast.

Rita said...

I'm not a vegetarian, but your recipes may turn me into one. They look delicious! Those recipes will now become part of my menu, not just for Thanksgiving, but for the rest of the year. Have a wonderful holiday season.

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What beautiful and delectable post. WOW. Great ideas.
New England is so happy to be welcoming you back. it will be all the more beautiful with your presence.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kari said...

Thank you, thank you, for all or your recipes. Thanksgiving will be bearable because of you.

I have a question about your crustless gluten free pumpkin pie. I followed the recipe, used sorghum instead of buckwheat, and baked the pie for 75 min. at 350. It still came out like custard. Any solutions?

Sally - only gluten free baking said...

I've been baking so many treats lately I could dive into a bath of those veggies. Insanely craving these vegetables.

Fork and Whisk said...

Lot of good looking dishes. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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This is a thank you not to you, for all the work you put into this blog. I'm thankful for all the recipes, tips, ideas, and heart you put into each post. When I was at my (emotional) worst, you showed me that there was a light in the distance, and it was not just another train coming at me. So thank you, I really appreciate all the information, recipes, and notes you write.
Sarah Masha

Martha Russell said...


I made your ruby apple cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner today! It was delicious!! One of our guests was a 2 year old and she "gobbled" it down!!! Thanks for a wonderful recipe.

BTW, welcome back to the East Coast! I am originally from upstate NY and can identify with how you feel about seasons, etc.


Gluten-free Gadabout said...

Vegetarian garden loaf with maple glaze — wow, what a fantastic item for a warming holiday delight. I love this kind of comfort food with a healthy basis. Would love to feature (with credit linking to you, of course) on my gluten free blog ( ). Thanks and keep up the good work.

Sherry Fredley said...

This looks delicious and easy. Will have to give it a try.

You have the mist amazing photos.

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